Murder suspect left house during standoff. He goes shopping at Walmart & returns.

In Indiana, during a standoff with police, a murder suspect managed to slip through the police barrier surrounding his home undetected. Furthermore, he went shopping at Walmart & then returned to the home.

If you successfully manage to get through a police barrier during your own standoff, I think your next course of action should be getting as far away as possible. This wasn’t the case for Michael Reynolds though. (story source)

So much to think about with this story. First, I think it’s time the police reviewed and updated their procedures for how to successfully set up a perimeter. When you have a house surrounded, I don’t understand how someone can simply slip “through a basement window next to a privacy fence that was out of police view.” Even if he was out of view, wouldn’t he eventually pop into view within the barrier? It makes the police look even worse that this guy was also a complete idiot. If he was a mastermind, you could at least make an argument that he was an intellectual who crafted a master escape plan. Since his plan was to shop & return home, this obviously wasn’t the case.

What the hell did he think would happen? Did he think by the time he returned the police would have simply given up and left? Well, it will probably forever remain a mystery. He was later shot and killed by SWAT officers. The end.



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