People can be stupid. Man gets scammed trying to buy a monkey online.

Before you buy something online, you should always make sure the source is credible. I think this is common sense for the majority of us. However, a percentage of people still exist who are shocked when they realize they have been scammed after making a questionable online purchase. This Wyoming man is one of those people. He was scammed thousands after thinking that he purchased a monkey. While the internet might be full of clever ways to scam you, this isn’t one of them! In my opinion, if you’re this dumb, you deserve it.

You shouldn’t be buying an exotic pet anyway, but Don Abrego just had to have one. He went online and thought he purchased a monkey. “However, as soon as his first $400 payment cleared, he said the problems began. The shipper was requesting more money and claimed it was for flight cancellations and vaccination costs. So Abrego shelled out more cash.”

HAHAHA, Even if you were dumb enough to initially fall for this scam, you would think internal alarm bells would sound when they ask for more money. Did Don just discover the internet? Where the hell was he ordering from “Bob Smith’s Exotic Pet Depot”? It gets better too.

Instead of wiring funds to an account that could be easily traced, Don paid for a lot of these costs by sending “about 20 Amazon gift cards ranging from a hundred to $400 and $500.” “He texted the card information to the shipper.”  As we all know, making payments in Amazon gift cards is a common and reputable practice. I do it all the time. In fact, my electric and cable company just started accepting them also!… Still, no alarm bells for Don.

It wasn’t a total loss though. After shelling out between $4,000 – $5,000 bucks, he did receive a photo ID from the shipper, but “aside from the ten year old expiration date, a quick Google search reveals it’s the same fake ID belonging to McLovin, the character from the movie Superbad.” (source of original story)


Authentic McLovin I.D. card only $5,000!

You could learn a lot from Don’s story, but more than likely it only reconfirms what you already know. Do some research on who you’re buying from. Don’t send more money. Don’t make odd transactions. Get a dog or cat Don.

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