People can be stupid. Man insists finance isn’t pregnant moments before she gives birth.

A man calls 911 after his fiancé started having severe stomach pains. Surprise! He’s now a dad.

Both he and his fiancé didn’t know she was pregnant. They thought she just packed on a few pounds.

“She’s in a lot of pain, it’s like she’s trying to give birth to something but she’s not pregnant,” Mr Williams told operator Chelsie Holbrook. “She’s actually got this large lump coming out, it’s just coming out. She’s not pregnant.” But just a few moments later, Mr Williams finally realised what was going on. “Oh no. No, she’s actually giving birth,” Mr Williams said. “What do I do? The baby is crying and moving and everything.” (Source)

I still don’t understand how in this day and age someone can have a full term pregnancy without knowing they’re pregnant. This wasn’t even a case where the woman was morbidly obese. She must be an unhealthy person not to either notice or care that she isn’t getting her period regularly. She never thought that her body just felt “off” and that she might want to take a pregnancy test? Maybe she did, but was too stupid to read it correctly?  When it was kicking did she just think it was gas?

The guy is no Einstein either. He might not be physically experiencing the same thing, but telling the operator, “She’s actually got this large lump coming out, it’s just coming out. She’s not pregnant.”  Is all I needed to read. Does he think we live in a sci-fi film? What else could it be buddy? Sounds more like you were trying to convince yourself.

These two idiots deserve each other. People like this are irresponsible & shouldn’t be aloud to become parents. You can’t take care of yourself enough to know that you’re pregnant! Now, you’re going to take care of another person that will depend on you? That’s a truly terrifying thought.


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