Quick Review: Jigsaw (a.k.a. Saw 8)

After a seven year break, the ‘Saw’ movies returned with the 2017 release of ‘Jigsaw’. Does the new film breathe any new life into the franchise? Despite a decent twist at the end, it’s pretty much more of the same.

You know how it goes, a bunch of people wake up in a room. A tape recorder is found. We hear the voice of the infamous John Kramer (The Jigsaw Killer) giving instructions on how to win the game. Winning means freedom. Losing means death. Blah, blah, blah. This is nothing new. However, how can John orchestrate these games since he’s dead.

The only thing that kept me invested in this film, is wondering if John really was still alive. That’s it! If so, I wanted to see what bullshit cliché horror excuse they would use as a result. If not, I wanted to see what the point of this story was, & if I felt it was even relevant.

It was about halfway through the film that I realized, I just didn’t care either way, and this film will offer nothing new other than answering this one question. The writers obviously knew dangling this question in front of us was the only new thing they had to offer in an attempt to squeeze another penny out of moviegoers. It shows. Sadly, it worked! Moviegoers took the bate. It grossed just over $102 million worldwide on a $10 million budget. That’s a nice chunk of change. It pretty much guarantees we will be seeing more of Jigsaw for years to come.  Thanks people!

For those who know what they’re getting themselves into, & have low expectations, some of the new traps are cool. Also, the ending surprised me.

Seven years later, I just don’t care enough & I find the formula tired. If you’re into more of the same murder porn, check it out.

Score: 3/10


+ Some creative traps

+ We find out if John really is dead (although I don’t think anybody really asked this question after Saw 7)

+ For an 8th film, the ending wasn’t bad.


– Nothing new

– An obvious attempt to milk more cash out of dying franchise.



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