Woman had 14 worms living in her eye.

If I made a list of things I hope I never experience, my eyes being fucked with, & worms living inside me, would probably be somewhere on it. I never thought one could have a connection with the other though! So, when I read about a woman who had 14 worms living in her eye, I checked multiple sources to make sure it was true. Unfortunately, it was!

Abby Beckley became the 11th person in North America to ever be infected with eye worms. However, she is the 1st person to ever be infected with this species. Congrats Abby! Well, not really. When it comes to infections, unless it’s something where the result is an improvement to your health, you NEVER want to be the first person! There is no fucking playbook or protocol. You are patient zero & it typically doesn’t end well for you.

Beckley discovered the worms shortly after leaving her ranch in Oregon to go work on a commercial sailing boat in Alaska. Her eye got read and she experienced migraines. (source)

“I pulled down the bottom of my eye and noticed that my skin looked weird there,” Beckley said. “So I put my fingers in with a sort of a plucking motion, and a worm came out!

I’ll spare you the quotes where she talks about how they would squiggle across her eyeball. Anyway, she visited a local doctor in Alaska & also an ophthalmologist. They couldn’t figure it out. She then flew home and went directly to the Oregon Health and Science University. That part of the story scares me a little bit. She doesn’t know what’s going on. The doctor she saw didn’t know what was going on. Jumping on a commercial flight with some unknown infection, probably doesn’t seem like a great idea. Shouldn’t the CDC have been called then!?

Luckily the situation was just more gross than serious. It was previously thought this species of worm only infected cattle and other animals. Surprise, it can infect humans too! They were most likely transmitted to her by a fly that fed on an animals eye secretions at her ranch, then the same fly made contact with her eye to transfer the larvae.

Twenty days after discovering the first one, Becky plucked out the final worm from her eye. She suffered no permanent eye damage from the incident.

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