LeBron James to produce House Party movie reboot.

Athletes aren’t known for making the best business decisions. That being said, LeBron James and his business partner Maverick Carter plan to produce a new version of the 1990 hip hop comedy “House Party.”

I remember the original. It starred hip-hop duo Kid ‘N Play. My question is, is there actually a demand for this movie to be remade in the first place? It’s just a let’s party, drink, smoke, get laid, high school sucks, parents suck, type comedy. This type of movie has already been made & remade a zillion times since 1990. I don’t think we need another one right now. (source)

Hey LeBron! Why not try to produce a “Godfather” reboot instead? You’ve had your head buried in that book for so long! I assume you must know every damn detail & how to make it better by now. Or, you’re reading skills are at an elementary school level & you need to sound out every syllable.

Stick to what you’re good at LeBron. Leave these ideas and decisions for people in Hollywood.


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