Mark Wahlberg blames son’s temper for leaving Super Bowl LI early.

Marky Mark never misses and opportunity to declare himself “Mr. Boston.” Last year, when the Patriots were down 28-3 in the third quarter of Super Bowl LI, Wahlberg threw in the towel and left the stadium. We all know what happened next. The Patriots would complete one of the greatest comebacks in sports history with a 34-28 win over the Falcons. Why would Mark leave? Truly, “Mr. Boston” would stick with his team until the bitter end right? Well, he blames his son’s bad mouth and tantrums on his early departure. Ya, ok Mark. (source)

Oh, common! You’re blaming your kid for leaving early? Just admit it. You thought it was over. Everyone thought it was over Mark! Anybody who says otherwise is full of shit. Do you think admitting you left early because you believed the Patriots couldn’t come back would hurt what little Boston street cred you have left? Dude, you probably haven’t been a Boston resident in over twenty years. Give it up! Did you think you would lose your celeb “king of  Beantown” crown to Affleck or Damon?  No worries Mark. Early departure or not, you’re still the douchiest of them all.

Still, it could be true. Typically, the apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree. We all know Mark has a criminal record for assaulting a Vietnamese guy.  It’s not a stretch to think the same angry Irish blood circulates through the veins of his children too.

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