5 shitty bands from the 90’s that I hope never make a big comeback.

The 90’s produced some good rock / alternative music throughout the decade. That doesn’t mean it was perfect. There were many bands that flat out sucked. This is a list of some of mainstream bands from the 90’s that had at least a couple billboard hits, but I have no idea why the general public actually liked them.


Billboard History – Hot 100 chart
With Arms Wide Open – peaked at #1
My sacrifice – peaked at #4
One Last Breath – peaked at #6
Higher – peaked at #7

Oh, yes! Let’s start this off with a bang. For a period of time, Creed dominated the charts. Like a person you would later regret sleeping with, don’t you just wish you could pretend like it never happened? Despite claiming they weren’t a Christian band, Creed definitely appealed to a lot of Jesus freaks with tons of cheesy lyrics regarding spirituality. It’s this kind of music that always tricks idiots into thinking “wow, these lyrics are so deep & thought provoking.” They really weren’t. The bands popularity also fueled the ego of Scott Stapp to a point where I think he actually started to believe he was some type of holly religious entity. Remember some of those awful music videos? He was always looking at his own stupid reflection in a puddle or mirror. In the decades to follow, Stapp would suffer from serious drug issues. You could argue that most musicians do, but Scott took it to a “higher” level of crazy paranoia. In 2014 he made 911 calls claiming assassins were stalking him, and warned his sons school about an ISIS plot. (source) Scott also had hostile confrontations with 2 of the bands on this list! (311 & Limp Bizkit) Why is it always the religious ones that are the most fucked up? Actually, maybe he was really doing gods work. He realized his shitty music was losing popularity, so he wanted to take other shitty bands down with him.

limpLimp Bizkit
Billboard History – mainstream rock chart:
My Way – peaked at #4
Nookie – peaked at #6
Re-arranged – peaked at #8
Rollin – peaked at #10

It’s the limp pimp. You knew Limp Bizkit would make the list. I thought about putting KoRn on the list instead, but KoRn brought the Nu-metal sound into the mainstream. Hate Nu-metal or not, it’s hard to put a band on a list that started something with such a huge fan base in the 90’s. What followed KoRn would be a wave of copycat bands all riding the wave of the nu-metal craze. It would be fine if they were good, but no! Limp Bizkit sucked. I’ll admit. I liked a few of their songs at the time. Looking back now, the music and lyrics haven’t aged well at all. What the hell is a Limp Bizkit anyway? Is it another way of saying limp dick? When I think of Limp Bizkit, all I can think of is Fred Durst in his stupid red New York Yankees cap going “aw yaaa!” I fucking hate that guy.


Billboard History – mainstream rock chart:
Down – peaked at #19
Transistor – peaked at #31
You wouldn’t believe – peaked at #36
Hey you – peaked at #38

I have a huge problem when people write lyrics and repeat a word multiple times just to fit the music. Take the lyrics to their biggest hit “Down” for example.

We’ve changed a lot and then some some
Know that we have always been down down
And if I ever didn’t thank you you

What the hell kind of shit is that? That’s how they write a song? Does he have a stuttering problem that he just decided to work into it? Fuck this band! Seriously, out of all the bands on this list. I personally find 311 the most annoying. What the hell was this shit anyway? I think it was some type of reggae rock? Nothing wrong with being different, but they sounded like ass doing it.

savageSavage Garden

Savage Garden
Billboard History – mainstream top 40
Truly madly deeply – peaked at #1
I knew I loved you – peaked at #1
I want you – Peaked at #1
Crash & Burn – Peaked at #14
The animal song – peaked at #14

If you’re a guy & wanted to create a mix CD for a girl in an attempt to get laid, Savage Garden would probably be on it. It’s fine if you want to sing about love, but these guys truly sounded like they had nothing between their legs. If that’s the route you want to go, start a boy band! I thought they sounded more desperate and needy than anything else. Also, in the song “I want you” I’ve always been dying to know what the fuck “sweet like a chicka cherry cola” means. I guess they needed something to come before “cherry cola” to make it fit this lame ass song? Furthermore, try to watch the video for that. It’s rare that a music video makes me feel that uncomfortable.

sugarSugar Ray

Sugar Ray
Billboard History – mainstream top 40
Fly – peaked at #1
Every Morning – Peaked at #1
Someday – Peaked at #2
When it’s over – peaked at #7
Fall’s Apart – peaked at #12

What can I say about Sugar Ray. Um, they suck! This is about as bubble gum rock pop as you can get. Funny, they didn’t actually start that way. There first album actually sounded a lot harder, but it didn’t sell. They then decided to tone it down a lot and became the Sugar Ray that most people know & can’t stand. I don’t blame them for selling out. Hell, I would too. When I think of them, the first thing that comes to mind is Mark McGrath’s stupid highlights. Also, some songs really showcased how bad of a singer he really was. His voice has the ability to make me want to rip the wings off a butterfly.

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