When it comes to professional sports, Ohio still doesn’t get it. An in depth look at these shitty organizations.

After another subpar 2017 NFL season for the Cincinnati Bengals, and a beyond embarrassing season for the Cleveland Browns, you would think things are about to change. Nope, the more things change, the more they stay the same. What is wrong with these organizations?

Despite having some decent talent, The Cincinnati Bengals finished the 2017 NFL season with a 7-9 record. I didn’t expect them to do much, but they are certainly better than 7-9. Previously, they finished the 2016 NFL season with a 6-9-1 record. Marvin Lewis has been the coach for 15 years. In that amount of time, he has a 125-112 record. He also has an 0-7 record in the postseason. What do the Bengals do? Sounds like it’s time for a shakeup at the head coach position, right? Nope, they decide to give him a two year extension! Ummm, what?

As I type “Cleveland Browns”, I find it impossible not to laugh. They are so sad & pathetic. I can’t even hate them. Hue Jackson has been the coach of this atrocious team for two seasons. In that time, he has helped guide them straight to the shithole. They are 1-31. Let me spell that out for you. They have one win & thirty-one losses! That level of suck is almost impossible to fathom. While he isn’t solely to blame for this, it’s still 1-31! Like me, I assume you work a regular job. If you could somehow transform the results of your job performance to match the equivalent of a 1-31 record, you would probably be fired. Sounds like it’s time for a shakeup at the head coach position, right? Nope, the Browns announced that he will be the coach next season. Ummm, what?

The Cavaliers got lucky! Oh my god did they get lucky! The recent success of this franchise was not built with smart ownership or a good coach. They sucked so bad. However, they were fortunate enough to get the number one pick during a season where they could draft a once in a generation superstar with dreams of playing for his home/your team. What are the odds!?

I won’t completely shit all over Ohio sports. I believe in credit where credit is due. The Cleveland Indians have built a solid organization. I will shit on the fans though! Why aren’t you people going to games?! I don’t know if you realize this, but the Indians have had a winning record for five consecutive seasons & have won the AL central back to back years. Yet, they are still ranked closer to the bottom in average attendance. Get off your asses and show some support.

I’m not big into college football, but I do know Ohio definitely excels at this. This is one area that nobody can dispute. In fact, according to Public Policy Polling, 62%  of people polled in Ohio believed that the Buckeyes could beat the Cleveland Browns. This makes the situation even more puzzling. While college sports is a different animal, you would think some of that magic could cross over to the pros. Maybe someday Ohio will get it together. For now, it’s a bumpy road.

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