Man hasn’t opened xmas gift from girl who dumped him 47 years ago.

A Canadian man was given a Christmas present from his girlfriend. She dumped him that same day! Forty seven years later, he still hasn’t opened it!?

He was seventeen at the time. I know teen love can be heartbreaking, but damn! Why not just open it dude? Seems like a psychological thing to me. Is this his way of not 100% letting go because he can still wonder what’s in the package? (source)

He says “his wife is OK with it, and kind of likes the mystery of the unopened present.” I call B.S. on that though. Ya, I’m sure she is delighted to know that her husband still clings to an unopened Christmas gift every year from an old girlfriend. That probably does wonders for the self esteem.

He should definitely just open the damn thing. Hell, it’s so old that it might be something that turned into a collectible. He could turn that around and sell on ebay! On second thought, it could also be a positive pregnancy test, & he would probably be better off not knowing at this point.

whats in the box

I’m with ya Brad.

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