Star Wars: The Last Jedi review. Ya, they kinda fucked it up.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. We’ve waited two long years & came up with endless theories about what The Last Jedi will tell us. With the wait now over. This time around, for the better, The Last Jedi breaks away from the nostalgia that carried The Force Awakens, & becomes its own film. That being said, it’s not all smooth sailing. This film has some serious bumps that I just can’t let go.

A lot of people are praising this movie for being different and taking some unexpected twists. Just because something is unpredictable, doesn’t mean it works!  In no way would I want this trilogy to mimic the older Star Wars trilogy. They should let go of the past, but NOT narratives that have already been put in motion from its own trilogy! Instead of interweaving certain plot details from The Force Awakens, Rian Johnson completely ignored several plot elements that were set in motion & created his own film. That’s just lazy shitty writing folks.

All the problems

I’m jumping right in & getting straight to the bullshit.  Killing off Snoke in episode 8, was by far the biggest mistake. The Force Awakens sets up this menacing villain in Supreme Leader Snoke. He’s powerful, dangerous, & mysterious. Aside from that, we know diddly dick about him. Right now I can hear Star Wars nerds saying “im sure we will get answers in a book or comic” or “it’s not like we knew how Palpatine rose to power before the prequel trilogy was made.” To them, I say Fuck you! Its called character development.  It should be in the film. I know the focus on this trilogy isn’t about Snoke, but god damnt! Some details on his backstory would drastically improve the film! Now Kylo Ren is the supreme leader?  HAHAHA, while I know he could force choke the shit out of me and toss me like a rag doll, I don’t find him nearly as scary & menacing as Snoke was. Kylo is like a whiny & bitchy teenager. Who the hell would want to follow him? Obviously, Snoke needed to die at some point, but I feel like this was something that should have been saved for beginning of Episode 9 or end of Last Jedi. It would have also been nice to see what Snoke was truly capable of in combat.

Did we all forget about the map in The Force Awakens? Remember, this stupid map that was broken up and could be put back together to find where Luke is? Well, WTF?! Who made the damn thing in the first place? Also, didn’t Han say Luke went off looking for answers? I guess that was bullshit cause Luke told Rey that he came to the island to die.

What about the “Knights of Ren?” Weren’t we supposed to see them in this movie? Where the hell are they?

Force ghost Yoda is fine with the burning of the sacred Jedi texts and says Rey knows everything she needs. What!? Luke needed to train like a Jedi version of Rocky Balboa! Why the hell does Rey get a pass?


Why did Luke need to do this kind of shit while Rey gets a free pass!?

We never see Luke in combat. In fact, he never leaves Ahch-To! I know he has been distancing himself from the force and all, but as a fan it would have been nice to see him engage in some type of actual lightsaber combat.

Benicio Del Toro’s character (DJ) feels cheaply tacked on. It’s almost like they needed a way to quickly advance the story & this was the end result. Ok, why is he in the holding cell in the first place if he can just break out? When exactly did he decide to rat on Finn & Rose? They really needed to elaborate on this character more.

What wasn’t bad.

While I’m not 100% sold on it, I’m fine if Rey’s parents are nobodies. Not everybody can come from an important person. So be it.

I liked that we finally get to see Leia use the Force. Even though she hasn’t obviously embraced the Force like Luke, it does run through her. I always found it odd that she never used it to even pull up a chair or close a door.

I like how the Resistance was tracked through lightspeed. It’s fresh idea. This led to the inner conflict about how to handle the First Order riding their asses until the fuel was used up. We had a Resistance within the Resistance.  Of course, Poe’s mutiny wouldn’t have happened if Admiral Holdo just told Poe the real plan in the first place! I’ll let that slide though.


WARNING: While it looks badass, engaging in combat with a mask like this probably have some limitations.

Seeing Rey & Kylo take on Snoke’s guards together was awesome. Those were some kickass weapons. Can we see more of those please?

The end result

I find this a hard movie to review. The middle act of a trilogy should leave you feeling uncomfortable & uncertain. In that respect, it succeeds. It has some great moments, but it has way to many WTF!? moments too. I feel like the events that will take place in the final installment, will either improve or hurt this film. Until we see the conclusion, I give this film a 6.5/10. However, it could be upgraded or downgraded to a 5 or 8 depending on what the conclusion gives us. Hopefully, it will rock!

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