Detroit still can’t get it right. Police fight each other after undercover op goes bad.

In a Detroit east side neighborhood, two different police precincts got into a fist fight while being undercover in the same neighborhood.

This sounds like something out of a screwball comedy flick. Two undercover officers from the 12th precinct were pretending to be dope dealers. The plan was to arrest potential buyers and seize their vehicles. Sounds like a good plan right? Unfortunately, special ops officers from the 11th precinct showed up to execute a search warrant on a nearby house. The 11th precinct ops team didn’t recognize the 12th precinct undercover officers & ordered them to the ground. After this was all cleared up, the 11th precinct conducted their search. (source)

This is when things got worse! Sounds like we have an ego collision ladies and gentleman. The two groups of officers started yelling and pushing each other. Punches were thrown. A few officers had to be treated for bumps and bruises.


Talk about shitty communication. Get on the same page! A simple phone call from one precinct to the other would have obviously prevented this. Watching this unfold, I hope the neighbors and real drug dealers had a brief bonding moment where they joined together and laughed at how stupid the police look.

No excuses for a fight breaking out, but you can’t blame the 11th precinct members for the initial hostility, if they didn’t know 12th precinct members were conducting an operation too. Also, what the hell was the 12th precinct doing in 11th precinct territory?

I guess not only do gangs fight over turf wars, but police do too! Where’s Robocop when you need him.

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