Stupid kidnapping attempt on 17 year old girl thwarted by father.

In Okaloosha county Florida, four teens hatched a stupid plan to kidnap the 17 year old daughter of a man they thought was wealthy, and then rob the families home in the process. Let’s look at this ‘genius’ plan.

The four potential dumbass kidnappers placed barrels in the street to block off part of the road so the teenage girl would get out of her car. Instead, she did what most people would do. She drove around the barrels! It gets better. Despite the first part of the plan failing, the idiots still went ahead and attempted to rob the home. Later that night, they displayed their amazing stealth abilities! A car door was heard being slammed, a dog was barking, & the flood light in the yard kicked on. When you’ve given almost every indication to a home owner that you’re trespassing, it’s probably a good idea to abort. The father then armed himself and went outside to discover someone trying to break into the garage. He fired three shots and the intruders ran into the woods. (source)


We’re geniuses! With this trash can in the road, she’ll never get around it!

The article I read stated the four teens had “concocted an elaborate plan”. That’s giving them to much credit. This seems like the kind of plan that was thought up and drawn out on a napkin with crayon two hours prior to the event.

Police later caught up to the four teens in an SUV. “Inside the SUV they were driving, the four teens had stockpiled masks, guns, a knife, a roll of tape and latex gloves.” All kidding aside, this girl and her father were damn lucky these idiots weren’t good at executing a plan, or they might not be alive today. Thank god for stupid criminals.

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