Mark Wahlberg hopes god forgives him for the film ‘Boogie Nights’

Standing beside a Catholic Cardinal at an event, Mark Wahlberg recently told Chicago Inc. that he regrets his role in the 1997 film ‘Boogie Nights.’

Boogie Nights is a 1997 film about a High School dropout named Eddie who becomes a porn star under the name “Dirk Diggler.” It takes place during the boom of the porn industry in 70’s, and its complications in the 80’s. The film won several awards and received mostly positive reviews from critics and moviegoers.

I hate when famous actors shit on the roles that made them famous! While not his first film, this is definitely the film responsible for really elevating his career.  If not for this role, he still might have been better known as a shitty one hit wonder rapper from the 90’s. (source)


How the hell did this guy become an A list celebrity?!

I often wonder how the hell he was able to shift careers so successfully. While I like some of his movies, I wouldn’t call him a great actor. With all the sexual assault allegations coming out of Hollywood, I truly wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Marky Mark performed some sexual favors in order to accomplish this. After all, he did serve time in prison. If you’ve “serviced” your fellow inmates in jail, then doing it for some big time Hollywood producer would seem like a stroll in the park.

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