Woman makes idiot proof grocery list for husband.

A woman in India made a ridiculous grocery list for her husband that included descriptions and illustrations.

On one hand, I like a woman who knows what she wants. However, if you feel the need to draw small, medium and large circles to illustrate the sizes of the potatoes you want,  you should just do it yourself. I would personally feel slightly offended if I was handed a list this detailed. Either her husband is that dumb, or she is a total control freak. If makes me wonder what other things she instructs her husband to do in explicit detail. “We need to be 3.7 inches away from the edge of the bed during sex.” “Make sure you chew every bite of food for 6.28 seconds.” This man must have nightly fantasies of smothering her with a pillow in her sleep.foodlist

The India times reports “The list acts as a ‘legally binding agreement incase there is a conflict later between the couple due to any discrepancy between what was conveyed and what was bought.” I know this is India, but are things really getting that bad? Do people really fight over this? How the hell does that go? “Back in Sept 2017 I had to buy a 2kg onion because they ran out of the 1.5Kg. It wasn’t my fault!” (source)

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