Mother asks group to reschedule upcoming solar eclipse because it’s the same time as school.

For the upcoming solar eclipse on Aug 21st, The Texas Perot Museum of Nature and Science is holding a solar eclipse viewing party from noon – 2pm. This didn’t sit well with one mother. On the Facebook page, she requested it be rescheduled for the weekend because it’s during school hours.

This is another one of those moments where I double and triple checked to make sure the story was real. (source) This is pathetic & deserves to be made fun of. I’m guessing this woman was born in a trailer. I’m also guessing her child surpassed her intelligence by the age of seven. Even if you don’t know a damn thing about the solar system, you should at least realize an event like this doesn’t happen regularly.


I hope those 76 likes aren’t from people wondering the same thing. If so, they should be hunted down and sterilized immediately. People like that just shouldn’t breed.

Don’t get mad at the moon and sun for interfering with school hours! I know you didn’t go lady, but this is kinda a big deal. I wonder if her next step is to write a letter in crayon to the moon and sun explaining the situation.

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