Groom has seizure during wedding ceremony, bride decides to marry guest instead.

I’ve written about fights and weddings before, but this elevates everything to an entirely different level.  In India, a wedding appeared to be going perfectly. They were in the final stretch of the ceremony. Then, at that crucial moment, the groom had a seizure and was rushed to the doctor. Instead of going with him, the bride decided she was going through with the ceremony and married a guest instead.

Something doesn’t add up with the guy. I mean, what an interesting time to have a seizure right? It turns out, the bride didn’t even know he had a condition that causes seizures and was pissed it had been kept from her this entire time. I wonder if he  actually has a condition at all? Maybe he bitched out at the last minute and his solution was to hit the ground and start twitching. If that’s the case, good idea not to go through with it. Clearly something is “off” in this woman’s head if she is willing to marry a guest at her own wedding. Although, it probably would have saved a lot of money and time to call the damn thing off before it got to this point though.

Now lets talk about her. The guest she married was wearing jeans and a leather jacket. I guess Fonzie from the show ‘Happy Days’ was in attendance. This is a woman who desperately wants to be bound to someone in marriage. If this happened in America, I would guess this level of desperation is so she can finally let herself go, slap on yoga pants all day, & watch shitty shows like Dancing With the Stars. Who knows, maybe it’s the same thing in India.

It gets better. The groom returned after being treated, but it was too late. She already gave the thumbs up to Fonzie.  He and his relatives tried to change the brides mind. “Spoons, plates and dishes became weapons as wedding guests tried to force the bride to change her mind.” “They did not succeed, and police eventually detained a few guests.” (source)

Eventually the matter would be resolved and complaints withdrawn. No word if the bride stuck with Fonzie for a husband. Even so, you can’t argue that this wedding would have definitely been a memorable one.

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