My top 5 hilarious death scenes for people with a sick sense of humor.

I admit, I have a very sick sense of humor. I know I’m not the only one. Whether intentional or not, these death scenes caught me by surprise and made me laugh ridiculously hard. Again, these are just my picks for scenes. That doesn’t mean favorite films. Also, I’m only counting scenes from films that I personally have seen. I’m not counting it if I stumbled upon the clip on Youtube. This list could be much longer, but I felt like picking just five for now.

gasfight5. Zoolander – Gasoline Fight Accident

One minute you’re cruising along with your dumbass friends while drinking an Orange Mocha Frappuccino, the next you meet your demise during a freak gasoline fight accident. Derrick might be an idiot, but at least he was smart enough to realize fire and gas shouldn’t go together. R.I.P. Roofus & Brent.



4. Friday the 13th Part VII – Sleeping Bag Baseball Bat

We all know Jason Voorhees likes to stroll around Camp Crystal Lake killing anybody in his path. As more and more sequels were released, writers needed to get more creative with the deaths. Once we got to part VII, we got this gem. Jason drags a teenage girl out of her tent while she is still in her sleeping bag and repeatedly swings her like a baseball player at a homerun derby. This kill was so popular that they actually used it again in Jason X



3. Jack Frost – Killed in the bathtub by a snowman.

No, this isn’t the sweet Michael Keaton version of Jack Frost. This snowman is a killer. In this scene, Jack Frost decides to take out one of the locals by making a surprise bathtub appearance and repeatedly slamming a woman into the shower wall. Yes, I have managed to sit through this entire movie. I don’t recommend it.


hip2. American Psycho – Do you like Huey Lewis in the News?

So many good notable and quotable moments in this film, but watching Patrick Bateman ramble about Huey Lewis, then do a funky little jig before planting an ax into Paul Allen’s face is definitely hilarious.




1. The Other Guys – Aim for the bushes?

This movie is underrated and truly has some hilarious moments peppered in throughout. From Michael Keaton as the police chief who also works part-time at Bed Bath & Beyond, to Mark Whalbergs character not understanding why super hot women are attracted to his partner. (Will Farrell) “Aim for the bushes” was truly a moment I didn’t expect. This is the kind of harsh reality check that could happen to two delusional ego manics who think they are invincible. Since this is my #1, I won’t post a GIF to show what happens. Watch the 0:56 clip instead.

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