US wants to send troops into space to guard the galaxy.

Congress is proposing a bill that would create a new branch of military focused on sending armed troops into space. The branch would be called The United States Space Corp.

How soon do they want to do this? Try 2019! Are you fucking kidding me. I’m all for setting the bar high, but can we at least land on another planet first?!

What the hell are these troops going to do!? Are we prepping to defend against a possible future alien threat? If so, Congress must have gone on a huge drug binge while watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Good luck prepping for that in a possibly infinite area with technology that is still using rocket propulsion.

If our government wants to finally come clean and reveal they have better technology, lets see it! I want laser ion cannons and death rays!  As it stands, our technology and some troops floating around in space wouldn’t make the slightest difference against a civilization that has the technology to attack us in the first place. The idea is laughable & sounds expensive. Don’t we have enough issues to solve on the ground first!? (source)

Sadly, this is probably just an excuse to bring weapons into space so we can attack our enemies below on earth. That’s a completely horrifying thought.

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