Indonesian teen boy weds 73 year old woman.

In Indonesia, a 15 year old boy (Selamet Riyadi) and a 73 year old woman, were wed after the odd couple threatened to kill themselves if anyone tried to stop them.

I know this is taking place in another part of the world, but this shit would never fly in most places. Still, love or what you think is love, can make you do some crazy shit. No doubt Selamet has some issues though. Judging by his expression in story image he looks thrilled! Points for what looks like a ‘Hello Kitty’ sleeping bag.

“Selamet is too young to marry but we married them anyway because he threatened to commit suicide,” village chief Cik Ani, told AFP, adding local officials also wanted them to “avoid the sin of adultery”.

So lets not get the kid help for his suicidal tendencies? Let’s just give him what he wants? Ya, that will make everything better. Problem solved. I’m sure the thought will never enter his mind ever again. What the hell happens when his geriatric wife passes away? Hopefully, that won’t push him over the edge. (source)

“Riyadi’s father died several years ago and the boy was not properly cared for by his mother, who had remarried, Ani said. Rohaya has been married twice before, both times to divorcees and has at least one child from the marriages, but this time “she got a virgin”, Ani added.” 

I guess I really can’t blame the 73 year old woman. At that age, you are now well into your “I don’t give a fuck” years. Why buy another used rusted out Ford Pinto when you can have a brand new Lamborghini?  Although, she looks so out of it! I wouldn’t eliminate the possibility that she thinks he’s 51 and not 15.

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