Pastor has phone conversation with god. He has a phone number?

At a live event, Zimbabwean pastor Paul Sanyangore wowed a crowd by contacting god on his cell phone.

This incident happened back in back in March. Lets take a look at this incident.

““Hello‚ is this heaven?” the pastor asks‚ cupping his mobile phone to his right ear as the congregation look on‚ some in disbelief. “I have a woman here‚ what do you have to say about her?” the pastor speaks into his phone. “Ahh. Oh‚” he says‚ listening intently. “I should ask her who is Sibo‚” he says aloud. At one point the pastor asks on the phone‚ “what else papa God” he then relays another message to the congregant who is on her knees‚ with her hands raised.“God is telling me to ask you why he is showing a heart”. The women‚ almost in tears‚ cannot seem to fathom the “conversation” the pastor is having with God. “He is saying we should pray for your children‚ two of them … He is saying one is epileptic the other one is asthmatic.” Yelling in jubilation to his congregants‚ the pastor screams “heaven is online”. He ends off the phone call saying to the woman‚ “Your story has changed” (source)

People like this guy piss me off. They prey on vulnerable people for profit. That is so low and sleazy. He probably charges a good amount of money for people to be at his events. It’s all a scam. I’m glad this guy pushed it too far with this stunt. People are stupid, but even this was a stretch. I’m glad he got shit for it.

If god does exist & decided to start making phone calls, I think it would be over something a more serious than this woman’s asthmatic and epileptic children. He would probably be on the phone calling world leaders telling them to stop being dickheads or he will end us all and start over again. I wonder what carrier he uses. That’s an impressive reach!

The pastor said he would share god’s number soon so that anyone could call him, but I’m sure it will just be a 1-900 number to some guy in India who is working for peanuts & telling vulnerable people that he is living in the kingdom of heaven.

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