Let’s talk about hilarious conspiracies. Rapper Eminem died and was replaced with an android clone.

A while back I wrote about stupid conspiracies that have been floating around the web. (article) Well, I figured it was time to start searching again and see what kind of hilarious nonsense is floating around. I came across this hilarious conspiracy involving Eminem and the Illuminati.

The Conspiracy: Eminem died years ago. The Illuminati replaced him with an android clone.

The story behind it: I read two versions of this story. In the first version, he died of a drug overdose in the early 2000’s, but the Illuminati couldn’t let such a huge money making performer die.  In the second version, the Illuminati elite asked him to join their club, but he declined. The Illuminati then had him killed in a car crash. Video exists of the Eminem android glitching on ESPN as proof that he was replaced!

Could it be true? HAHAHAHAHA, seriously? You’re kidding right. I love reading this shit. I hope you’re laughing as much as I am. Seriously, Google something like “is Eminem a clone”? You get tons of stuff. However, it’s obviously not true. The video of this supposed ‘glitch’ by the “Eminem android” is hilarious. Eminem looks completely clueless. He shifts his eyes around in silence between two ESPN broadcasters. You can watch the 0:20 clip for yourself. You call this an android glitch though? I call this a guy either stoned out of his mind or tripping his face off. Given his history, that’s probably the case. Others have mentioned how is face has changed throughout the years. Ya, it’s called aging. Plus, drugs and alcohol abuse can also alter your appearance.


Eminem version 2.0

Even if this stupid conspiracy could be true, it wouldn’t make sense. He’s a rapper! People in the music industry are worth more in death. Considering this was during the high point of his career, he would have died a legend and tons of his shit would still be selling.

Assuming the Illuminati is still real, wouldn’t it have been easier to let him die and just duplicate his voice to create “unreleased tracks” instead? Why waste the effort on creating a full android? Has Skynet gone live? They wouldn’t waist the time, money, and effort on all this for a rapper.

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