Man sues woman for $17.31 after she texts throughout date, leaves him at movie theater.

A Texas man met a woman for a first date at a local movie theater. During the movie, he started to get annoyed that she kept texting her friend. He then asked if she could do that in the lobby. She never returned. He is suing for $17.31. (source)

Both of these people are jackasses. The woman is an ass because she shouldn’t be texting in the theater at all, let alone on a date. It’s rude. Your friend will live. You can do that shit after the movie. Why even go in the first place? Ya know that message they display before the movie that tells you not to talk or text? You’re just too damn cool for that aren’t ya? Even if you’re not into the person, you can’t just suck it up for two damn hours & bitch to your friend after like the rest of us do?

I can’t harp on the guy for telling her to go text in the lobby. If she did in fact do this 10 – 20 times as he described, that’s annoying and distracting. Good for him! However, instead of just accepting the fact that this was a shitty date & letting it go, his ego probably took too much of a hit once he realized she decided to completely leave. Why else would  you sue her for a measly $17.31?  Common, I don’t believe for a second this was done out of principal.  It was a bruised ego. Hell, even if you get your stupid $17.31, you’ll need to pay the lawyer you hired a lot more than that.

Furthermore, the movies are a horrible idea for a first date. You can’t talk or get to know each other. If you actually did, maybe you would have already realized that this woman sucks and avoided this entire incident to begin with.

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