‘Nightmare’ house for sale, but don’t ask about mysterious occupant living upstairs.

In South Carolina, a house that has been dubbed the ‘Nightmare’ house has gone up for sale. The agents have been telling potential buyers “don’t bother asking” about the occupant living upstairs.

The listing is downright creepy and gained quite a bit of attention before the wording was changed recently  “Upstairs apartment cannot be shown under any circumstances”. Occupant has never paid, and no security deposit is being held, but there is a lease in place”.  This is not the way to sell a house. Admittedly, the agent has explained that he has never seen the inside of this run down piece of shit and gave the owner the go-ahead for the creepy description.

My mind is swimming with plausible and ridiculous explanations for this description. The asking price is around $130,000 dollars and being sold “as is”. It needs tons of repairs! Since the seller knows the house is a piece of shit they probably felt the need to come up with creative ways to spark interest. It’s working. People want to view it. Maybe they realized they can’t appeal to your average person and are attempting to appeal to crazy people? (source)

While I do believe the seller is saying these things to generate buzz, lets not dismiss the possibility that they are serious. First I thought that this was a clever way of saying the place is haunted and the ghost resides upstairs, but the description said that a lease was in place. Unless the ghost needs a place to crash for a bit before departing for the afterlife, it sounds like this is an actual person.

If I truly wanted to buy this house, you better believe you are showing me that upstairs apartment and tenant.  They must be seeking a real moron to buy it if they think someone will just agree to those terms. I need to know that people haven’t been dismembered and that the person living above me won’t turn me into a lampshade.

b4 you buy

The upstairs come with blood stains, prison cells and graffiti. It’s a real fixer upper!

Who knows. The upstairs tenant could be a hobo with an ax. Or, maybe this is where Ja Rule has been hiding from people after his Fyre Festival went to shit. The possibilities are endless.

Regardless what the truth might be, people are talking about it and people want to see it. Hopefully, I won’t be writing another piece soon titled “Idiot buys ‘nightmare’ house gets killed by man in attic apartment on first night”.

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