Man uses neighbors electric fence to jumpstart his own heart.

An emergency team in New Zealand typically shocks John Griffin with a defibrillator to treat his irregular heartbeat condition. However, John decided to DIY this project himself by using his neighbors electric fence instead.

After a 20 hour episode where he could feel something wasn’t right, (apparently at 48 you become susceptible to a stroke) John went to the hospital. Fed up with the wait time, he basically said “fuck it, ill do it myself”. What happened next was about as ballsy as it was stupid. The only reason he looks like somewhat of a badass is because it worked! (source)

I’m all for DIY projects, but when it comes to my heart and brain, I don’t fuck around. Stay at the hospital. We all hate hospital wait times. They suck. So, do what I do. Lie about the level of pain you’re in. That will certainly move you up in the pecking order.


It’s no big deal everyone. I’m gonna be fine!

I wonder if he asked his neighbor first. “Hello, do you mind if I electrocute myself on your fence? I need to fix my ticker”. I know I certainly wouldn’t have given him permission. Well, maybe if I really hated him and nobody was around to witness me giving him the green light.  I need to be able to deny knowledge of this if he accidentally kills himself.

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