Psychic stabs himself to death trying to prove he’s immortal.

Oh man. I needed a good laugh today. While performing a dance ritual in front of a crowd, a psychic medium wanted to prove that he achieved immortality. Well, he’s dead now.

I sometimes think being a delusional ego maniac would be great!  In your mind you truly believe everything in your twisted little brain. Right or wrong it doesn’t matter.  You’re number one. Nobody can bring you down. The problem is, when ego overtakes simple logic, I envision something like this happening! We aren’t super hero’s people. If you plunge a real sword into your heart, you’re not coming back. It’s that simple. This reminds me of that scene from the movie The Other Guys where Samuel L. Jackson & The Rock are are such delusional ego maniacs that they believed they could easily survive a leap off a giant building.”Aim for the bushes”? I love this clip.

It’s possible he really didn’t believe he was immortal & this was all just a stunt gone bad for the dance ritual that he was performing. Although, he was 25. That’s still within the age range where you think you’re invincible & your head is still filled with stupid shit that might not sound logical. (source)

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