North Korea has ‘big event’ to announce opening of a new street.

I love when I get ridiculous information out of North Korea. Some of you readers really seem to like it too. Thank you for that.  Anyway, North Korea decided to host a “big and important event”. Foreign journalists were allowed to cover it.  Even leader Kim Jong Un was present. It must be a big deal. Wow, could it be an announcement that they are willing to speak with the U.S. in an attempt to work things out? Nope, that would be too logical. Could it be that they want to show a display of force & decided to showcase a new type of weapon that nobody knows about yet? Nope, not even close. North Korea felt the need to tell it’s people & 200 foreign journalists that they are opening a new street. (source)

The automotive industry isn’t exactly booming in North Korea, but congratulations on the new street that barely anyone will be driving on. I’m sure it’s filled with tons of stores containing goods that people can’t purchase.  Hell, I live in a country where roads, highways & streets are being built or reconstructed constantly, but that street of yours must be paved with gold if Kim Jong Un feels the need to be part of the announcement. I bet it was designed as a better exit route for getting him to safety for when we inevitably bomb his ass back to the stone age.

China is pretty much North Korea’s only friend & they don’t even like them. The only reason why China tolerates them is because if North Korea falls, that means the U.S. will be able to position troops along the boarder of China. China doesn’t want us that close.With all the heat on North Korea lately, China probably called them and said, “can you just show the media something positive for once?! It can be anything! Just do it!”

Instead of posing with poverty stricken families & holding babies like most people who are seeking good PR, this was what they came up with!? Gosh, even when they try to look normal, it still comes off as fucked up.

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