Warner Bros. risks losing $900 million if they can’t prove ghosts are real.

An author by the named of Gerard Brittle is suing the ass off of Warner Bros for $900 million. He claims that only he has the rights to use the Warren’s paranormal case files that were used to film The Conjuring films and Annabelle.

This is going to get bad. Brittle has a great case. He wrote a book in 1980 called The Demonologist. As you may know, The Conjuring films are based on the paranormal investigations of Ed & Lorraine Warren. He says, “in a 1978 agreement for his book, the couple agreed to a no “competing work” provision that is still in effect. Under it, Brittle says, the Warrens aren’t allowed to make or contract any works based on the “same subject” as The Demonologist, specifically their “lives and experiences as paranormal investigators.” (source)

So why is this coming to light now? Well, Brittle’s attorney sent a cease and desist before the release of the Conjuring 2. However, Warner Bros. stated that the film wasn’t based on his book. It was based on “historical fact”. At that point, Brittle probably envisioned dump trucks of money being hauled to his house. HAHAHA, historical “fact”? You can’t call the Warren’s paranormal case files “fact”. While I personally believe in the paranormal, I acknowledge that no definitive proof exists that ghosts are real.

If Brittle is correct, Warner Bros. really backed themselves into a corner.  If they can’t settle out of court, I would love to watch these sleazy Hollywood execs try to squirm their way out of this one. It would make a great reality show. For $900 million dollars, can you prove ghosts are real!? I’m guessing no. Have fun with that in court though.

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