Woman kills husband for not being good looking enough.

I think this is the first time I actually grabbed a story from India. That’s surprising considering they have a population around 1.3 billion. I applaud them for evading me for so long. Unfortunately, that just went out the window with this gem of a story.

After one week of marriage, a 22 year old woman decided to call a quits by smashing her husbands head in with a grinding stone.

I actually read this story before I saw the headline. I assumed she snapped and the brutal murder was a result of her husband being an abusive asshole. That sounds like the most logical explanation right?  Nope, she told police she started hating him because her friends and family said he wasn’t good looking enough. (source)

The message of this story is that you should value the opinions of loved ones by smashing in the head of another loved one?  Somehow, I don’t think that’s the message your friends and family were trying to convey.

What a horrible way to go. I feel bad for this guy.  His death sounds like a bad joke. Your son is so ugly his wife killed him! Also, when someone explains that he was killed for not being good looking enough, the response will always be “That sucks. How ugly was he though”?  People will ponder this and he will forever be remembered as the guy who got killed for being ugly. Granted, nobody will care about this story eventually, but it will forever exist on the internet. That’s the unfortunate truth in the aftermath of this death.

Too bad he wasn’t killed for being too sexy, that would read a hell of a lot differently. It’s still tragic, but who wouldn’t want that kind of headline floating around about themselves on the internet for eternity.

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