AU man tries to swim away after skipping out on $600 restaurant bill.

Along the Gold Coast of Australia, a rapper by the name of Terry Peck had one hell of a feast at an ocean front restaurant. When the $600 bill arrived. Instead of paying the bill, Terry decided to make a break for it by diving into the ocean and swimming away.

He consumed 2 lobsters, 17 oyster shots and six Coronas. He also grabbed another six pack before he made a break for it. As he was being chased by staff onto the beach, he then decided that swimming into the ocean was the best method of escape. After refusing to swim back to shore, he unsuccessfully tried diving underwater to avoid the police that were dispatched to grab him. (source)

If you are going to try and screw a place by walking out on the bill, sticking to land would have been a better choice. At least on land you have cover and some places to hide. Where did he plan to go?  Did he plan to live with a bunch of Disney characters under the sea? If I was dumb enough to do this, but realized the police had been dispatched, I guess all I would do at that point is enjoy my remaining Coronas & wait for the cops to arrive while I bob in the water & loudly mock the restaurant staff for not having the balls to come get me themselves.  This story would have been perfect if it ended with the idiot getting devoured by a shark or killed by a jellyfish.

 Maybe this was all one big misunderstanding  & he would have returned on his own though. He claims he left abruptly to help a friend who was giving birth on the beach, but was arrested before finding her. I’m guessing the friend was a whale?

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