Just shoot me. Paramount Pictures has 14 more Transformer movies in development.

Paramount Pictures plans to bleed every last cent out of the Transformers franchise. According to Michael Bay, 14 more Transformer films in various stages of development.

Yes, a lot of us went bonkers in 2007 when the first film came out. Who could forget the iconic shot of Megan Fox lifting the car hood. $3.77 billion dollars worldwide later and what will be the franchises fourth sequel in June 2017, I could care less. People in the U.S. seem to be getting sick of it too. 2014’s Age of Extinction didn’t exactly do well domestically. It pulled in $245 million at the U.S. Box-Office. That doesn’t seem bad, but the production budget was $210 million. That also doesn’t include the millions spent on advertising. I’m glad it didn’t. I know these are summer popcorn action flicks and the bots are the real stars of the films, but discovering my car is alive still seems more believable than Mark Whalberg playing an inventor.

It’s those damn foreign markets that are keeping the franchise afloat. Overseas, Age of Extinction raked in over $858 million. I’m looking in your direction Asia. With their love for robots and hello kitty junk, it’s entirely possible that this franchise won’t stop or go on a massive hiatus until I am an elderly man.  Make it stop! (source)

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