WTF? Traffic light gender equality?

In Australia, some feel that having green or red shapes of men as a walk signal is unfair to women and girls.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for gender equality, but is something like this really necessary? The plan is to put up ten female pedestrian figures in Victoria. “State Minister for Women and for the Prevention of Family Violence Fiona Richardson said there were many small but significant ways that women were made to feel unwelcome in public spaces.”

Are you f*c@#ng kidding me?!  If your a women and have felt unwelcome or uncomfortable about the figure on the walk signal, you have some serious underlying issues.

If they want to replace some of them with a female figure during routine maintenance, or when new lights are put up, that’s fine. Why the fuss and the story? The fact that they feel the need to call attention to this and say “look what we are doing” is stupid.  Then I remember we are dealing with politicians and groups of people who do things like this for themselves to gain a sense of importance in life. (source)

“The trial will run for a year but organisers are hoping to change the road laws to eventually see the same number of male and female figures at crossings throughout the state.”  This really shouldn’t be an agenda. I honestly find it very hard to believe that Australia doesn’t have more pressing matters.

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-Adam Mallett

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