Kung Fu master teaches how to get hit in the crotch.

Apparently, a Chinese Kung Fu master trains his students to take shots to the nuts using kicks, punches, battering rams, and bricks.

The thought of taking a punch or kick to my man factory is enough to make my little soldier shrink. I want none of that! I don’t understand getting hit in the crotch as a sexual fetish nor do I understand this. “He says the practice helps overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation”. I’m guessing he’s right. That’s because his member is probably so mangled that neither of those things can possibly happen to begin with. (source)

I want to call bullshit on this and accuse the ‘Iron Crotch Kung Fu’ master of wearing a cup, but then I remember he’s Asian and might not be packing much down there anyway. So, all bets are off.

I wouldn’t applaud anyone for doing this. To me this is the equivalent of that guy who thinks he’s so damn cool by eating extreme hot sauce in front of his friends and pretending it doesn’t bother him.

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-Adam Mallett

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