Chechen wedding police crackdown on “non-traditional” dance moves.

If you plan on going to a wedding in Chechnya, you better holster those sweet dance moves and save them for someplace else. The wedding police just might get you.

This region which is part of Russia has set some new rules for weddings held in public venues. “The guidelines forbid the firing of weapons, drunkenness, and allowing the bride to dance. A number of “non-traditional” dance moves are banned, such as swapping partners.” Special groups will be set up to police these weddings and intervene if they spot anything ‘crazy’ on the dance floor.

Ok, firing of weapons obviously makes sense. You can even make a case for drunkenness. After that, it just sounds ridiculous. So basically the bride can just watch everyone else have fun on the dance floor? Sounds like a great way to spend your day. I guess all she can really do is go table to table and thank everyone for coming while her new husband is out on the dance floor with some other chick. Also, if something as basic as swapping partners is banned, I wonder what would happen if that crazy uncle that everyone has showed up and started busting out all those cheesy moves on the dance floor. Sorry uncle Bill. No doing the worm, robot or water sprinkler for you.(source)

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