Man on LSD saves dog from imaginary fire.

In an act of bravery, a New York man broke into his neighbors house to save the family dog from a fire. This would have been great if it wasn’t for the fact the man was completely delusional and tripping on a mix of LSD and cough medicine.

Police found Michael Orchard “standing heroically with a dog in his arms outside of what he thought was a giant inferno”. It must feel great to believe that you actually did something like this. Unfortunately, his neighbors were not thrilled.   After banging on doors and trying to get everyone out of the house, he then drove his black BMW sedan through the fence. “Troopers say once Orchard got through this fence with his vehicle, he got out, went up to the back door, smashed through it and went inside to save the family’s large white dog.”  (source)

I’ll give him this, at least he thought he was doing something good. I can find a million articles online of someone tripping or smoking that synthetic shit and then trying to bite someone’s face off. This is a nice change of pace. Although, considering he only saved the dog, it’s safe to assume he doesn’t think very highly of the rest of the family.

Orchard now faces $15,000 in bail.Also, he is looking at  second-degree burglary and third-degree criminal mischief charges.

-Adam Mallett

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