North Korea Accidently Opens Its Internet To The Rest Of The World.

Sorry I’m a little late with this story folks, but I need to chime in. I can’t stop picking on North Korea lately. They just keep giving me more and more to work with. Recently, the very secretive country accidentally opened access to all the websites hosted on its servers. The rest of the world finally caught a glimpse of how robust and informative the web in North Korea really is. It turns out they have treasure trove of… 28 websites! That was no typo folks.

Lets talk about some of these websites. An airline ticketing website for Air Koryo is available. That’s probably helpful to about .0000001% of the population.  It looks like they also have some form of social networking site called “Friend”. How many people could possibly be on that thing? I bet if you have five people on your friends list you would be considered a North Korean superstar. I envision it operating like a shitty version of Facebook where Kim Jun un sends out friend requests to all his generals. If so, they better not take too long to accept it. That could have some serious consequences! (source)

I don’t even think we can debate if the person responsible for this screw up is still alive. Unless he found a way to flea the country, that person has definitely been “removed” from his position.

-Adam Mallett

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