North Korea Bans Sarcasm.

Everyone’s favorite isolated country that makes up new laws as they go along just came up with a new one! Let’s ban sarcasm everybody!

It must be fun to be able to do this. What next? Are they going to ban anyone taller than Kim Jong-un from standing next to him because a ruler should always tower over his people? Shit, I think I just gave them an idea. I feel so bad for the people in this country. American prisons would probably seem like a resort compared to some of the conditions that some people are living in.

While the ban is for making sarcastic comments against the regime, we all know they will find a way to twist any comment they don’t like regardless. The thought of outlawing sarcasm is just hilarious though. Can you imagine that!? Myself along with the demographic of readers who find my comments funny would clearly find themselves in front of an execution squad within minutes. Plus, if your one of those people who have a naturally sarcastic tone of voice, I guess you’re screwed. (source)

Humor without sarcasm is like sex without moisture.  It can still happen, but you certainly won’t enjoy it as much.

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-Adam Mallett

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2 replies

  1. Can’t imagine a life without sarcasm!

  2. Sarcasm is an intelligent brain’s natural response to stupidity.

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