My Notes From Last Nights NFL Season Opener. Broncos vs Panters

In a rematch of Super Bowl 50, the Carolina Panthers & Denver Broncos kicked off the regular season. The rematch was certainly worth watching. Not only was it a tight game, but it made the NFL look like a bunch of assholes on national television by demonstrating that they still don’t give a shit about concussions. Anything that makes the NFL look bad is a  win / win in my eyes! This is one of a few things I got took away from watching last nights game. See below

The NFL showed they still don’t give a shit about concussions.

At first everything seemed to be looking smooth. Denver Broncos Linebacker Brandon Marshall took a hit & was seen on the sideline with a trainer and some concussion specialist that they now have at games. Wow, the NFL really cares about its players. Good job following protocol. Then in the forth quarter, Cam Newton took a shot that I felt from my seat at home. In fact, he took a couple good hits. However, it was that helmet to helmet hit in the final minute that should have sounded some alarms. With the clock winding down and the game close, this goes to show the NFL cares more about its product then protecting its players.


Smacks in the ground like a sack of potatoes. He’s fine!

The NFL was criticized, but released a statement. “There were no indications of a concussion that would require further evaluation and the removal of the player from the game.” Dude, the player took a hit in the head & was motionless & planted face first into the ground for a few moments! What about that doesn’t require some sort of evaluation? I love football, but the NFL is shady.


Colin Kaepernick is getting the attention he wants.

Say what you will about Colin Kaepernick and his protest. He is an attention seeker & always has been. Remember “Kaepernicking” hahaha Now that he is no longer good & nobody cares about him, he found a way to make himself relevant again.


The dance of the tool bag. What he probably did by himself last night when he heard he was mentioned.

Funny, how this happened now when he is basically a bench warmer and not when he was relevant. During the game Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall was seen on the sideline kneeling during the national anthem. Presto! Look at that. Kaepernick isn’t even in the god damn stadium and the topic of conversation comes up. I find it funny he didn’t stand then later is the only player to leave the game with a possible concussion. That’s what you get for looking un-American!


Even though he’s retired, Cris Collinsworth still kisses Peyton Manning’s ass.

I truly can’t say Manning is the only QB that is treated this way. All the high profile quarterbacks over the years are typically ass kissed by at least one announcer. It can get very annoying. Last night was no exception. I was convinced that Cris Collinsworth was going to mount Peyton Manning when they had him in the booth. I get it. He is arguably one of the best all time. Now go enjoy your retirement & make more Papa John’s commercials.

The praise for QB Trevor Siemian 

Don’t lie. You can’t say his last name without the 13 year old boy in you thinking it sounds like something else. Aside from the Peyton Manning ass munching, Al Michaels & Cris Collinsworth wouldn’t shut up about how Siemian looked poised and professional in his first start. Anytime the QB made a completion they would reference it. I think I just need to start watching games with the volume off.

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-Adam Mallett




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