More Trees Would Equal More Crime. People Protest Against Planting Trees In A Park.

For every good thing being done in this world, someone will always be around to put a ridiculous spin on it. Residents in Brentwood Canada want to stop 15 trees from being planted because they think it will bring more crime.  According to the Ellen Burgress  “If you give people more places to hide, more naughty things will be done,” she said.

Alright, I guess that means we shouldn’t build houses anymore. People could hide on your property and wait for that moment to kidnap you. I guess vehicles shouldn’t be manufactured anymore. More vehicles on the road equals a greater risk of accidents. While we are taking away trees, lets make the ground like the dessert! We would then be able to see miles in all directions from potential evil threats coming our way.

This is obviously someone who has nothing better to do with her time. Seriously, are a bunch of pedophiles going to get together and say, “Brentwood just planted 15 trees! Can you believe that!? That’s more than the park we creep around at. That’s going to be our new hangout spot”

Not to sound like a tree hugging hippie, but last I checked, trees and plants were a good thing. Without the oxygen they provide, we humans would have some problems. I know its only 15 trees, but when forests are getting mowed down left and right, what kind of person has the audacity to stick their middle finger up at trees?  Screw this woman.(source)

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