105 Year Old Woman Requests Hunky Firefighters For Her Birthday Party

A 105 year old British woman requested that Hunky Firefighters climb through her window at the senior center for her Birthday. She got her wish! At 105, why not!

Once you cross a certain age threshold, I truly believe you have earned the right to get away with more in society.  In my mind, if you manage to make it into your mid eighties and can function with minimal aid, go make outlandish requests and swear at teenagers. Go steal from department stores and hire prostitutes. Why not? You’ve been a productive member of society long enough. You mine as well live out your final years like a rock star!

This 105 year old woman didn’t spend her 105th birthday moping around at the senior center and whining about how nobody comes to visit her. She had firefighters climb though her window! Granted, judging by the photo, she didn’t exactly get “Hunky” looking Firefighters,(real image is featured image) but I’m sure her eyesight at 105 isn’t what it use to be so its all the same. I also assume she was told what time they might end up climbing through her window. At that age, the shock of a hearing a random latter clash up against the side of your window might give you a heart attack.

Everything seemed to go off without a hitch though. I’m sure she felt like a rock star. I salute you Ms. Ivena Smailes.(source)

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-Adam Mallett


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