Indiana Rapper Shoots himself In The Mouth For Video.

If your a rapper from Indiana, you have about as much street cred as the Canadian wrapper (Snow) from the early 90’s had. So, I can understand wanting to do something a bit extreme to get noticed. That being said, Kasper Knight decided to put a gun to his cheek and pull the trigger.

This was allegedly for a music video and people speculate that he used blanks. It is gaining attention. I can’t say he failed in that aspect. Although, when people started to question the legitimacy of  what he had done, he decided to deflect those comments by attempting to sound smart.

He wrote:

“You guys are a mess. We got black people blaming my facial mutilation on whites, whites blaming it on blacks, conservatives blaming it on liberals, liberals blaming the gun, random f*cks blaming it on Mexicans, and conspiracy theorists asking for proof even though we have a full blown unedited video on deck.

“We have people asking why when they already know the answer, average joes pretending to be ballistic experts, and civilians attempting to quote law. We also have people throwing out terms like attention whore, while simultaneously giving this video attention.

We got people making bold assumptions, prior service and current military talking sh*t while expecting me to respect their alleged PTSD (I am also prior service military) and people with no actual jobs in the field of mental health attempting to diagnose or recommend a diagnosis.

“Congratulations Facebook World. You just played yourself.


I mean really? I don’t care if they were blanks or whatever the hell he used. He shot himself in the mouth to gain attention so he would get noticed. It wasn’t done to make a point regarding politics or race. He’s just pissed that people are calling him out.(source)



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