Indigenous Woman Hates White People. She Punches out a White Woman’s Tooth. Judge Rules it’s Not a Hate Crime!?

Few stories could bring me out of my little summer hiatus. However, this is a gem that I truly couldn’t resist. In Canada a Indigenous woman knocked out a white woman’s tooth while yelling “I hate white people” Sounds like a hate crime right? Nope, the judge ruled it wasn’t. Either the Indigenous woman has an incredible lawyer! Or, this judge is an idiot.

“I am not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offence was, even in part, motivated by racial bias.”

The woman was heard yelling “I hate white people” before she decked her. How is this not a hate crime? If this was the other way around it sure as hell would be!So from the judges point of view, it didn’t matter who was standing in her path. It could have been an Asian woman & she still would have said “I hate white people” and decked her instead? Since he thinks the attack wasn’t motived by racial bias, that’s pretty much what he is saying. It makes ZERO sense. The lawyer who defended this woman must have been laughing inside & thinking “wait, seriously!?”


If I had to guess, the judge probably thought he would receive a huge backlash for ruling that the woman was guilty of a hate crime against a white woman.  Despite the obvious, he just didn’t want to get involved in a battle over race. That’s a shame.

A hate crime is a hate crime. It doesn’t matter what race you are. Great job Canada for not sticking up for justice and cracking due to a possible backlash. (source)

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-Adam Mallett


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