Man Gets In Heated Argument With Son’s Girlfriend Over Wheater Earth is Flat.

People really still debate over this? Anyway, a man in eastern Ontario is wanted on a mischief charge, after allegedly tossing a propane tank into a campfire. He apparently got “fired up” during an argument he was having with his son’s girlfriend regarding the shape of the planet.

I really don’t know who the bigger dumbass in this story is. The man is obviously an idiot for putting his son and girlfriend in danger for tossing a propane tank into a campfire out of frustration, but the girlfriend is the one who holds the belief that the earth is flat.(source)

You can tell me you think we are being visited by Aliens. You can tell me you think our own government killed J.F.K. Those are at least plausible. I  just can’t take you seriously though if you believe the Earth is flat. I will laugh & assume you are just trolling me.

I posted a couple months ago about how rapper B.O.B made comments  regarding his beliefs on the world being flat. It truly is stupid.

I understand the man’s irritation with his son’s girlfriend over the topic. The earth is not flat people. That doesn’t mean I’m going to toss a propane tank in a fire though. Keep it together man.


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