Tennessee State Rep offering AR-15 Rifle as a Door Prize at Fundraiser.

While the tragic Orlando gay night club shooting has set off tons of gun control debates, Tennessee dickbag official Andy Holt has reverted to extremes in an attempt to get his point across by offering two free AR-15 rifles as a fundraiser door prize.

Whether you are for or against stricter gun laws, this should piss everybody off. Holt expressed, “It’s not intended to come across as offensive, it’s intended to help people.” Wait, what? Help people how? We just had the biggest mass shooting in U.S. history a couple days ago and this asshole wants to offer a rifle as a door prize to make a point!? That’s just poor in taste!

I really hate politicians. It doesn’t matter if your a Democrat or a Republican. I think we can all agree that when tragedy strikes, they care less about the victims and more about using the tragedy to push their own political agenda. It makes me sick. (source)

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-Adam Mallett



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