Father Challenges Daughter to a Duel!


The days of the Wild West have come and gone. Well, tell that to this guy. During in argument with his wife and daughter, he pulled a gun on them and instructed his daughter to go get a gun in the other room so they could “duel.” (source)

The story just gets more bizarre. Shots were eventually fired by both the dad and daughter. However, nobody was hit. Then the husband “went to the shed and got another gun, which he pointed at his wife. At this time, the wife grabbed the rifle, her children and went to a neighbor’s house.” How many guns does this house have? Are they running a drug operation?

At least the father gave his daughter a chance by offering a “duel” as apposed to killing her in cold blood. So, I guess I can’t call him totally insane. I wonder how different the world would be if we could settle our issues this way. Imagine getting into an argument with your boss. Then one of you says “I challenge you to a duel at high noon in the courtyard!”

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