Books such as Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games & Harry Potter can cause mental illness? I don’t think so!

According to this private school teacher at The Acorn School in Nailsworth, Gloucester, “books of mythical and frightening texts,” could seriously damage the minds of young children. (source)

Your worried about what!?  Did we step into a time machine? Your not worried about violent videogames, violent movies, social media? Your worried about “books of mythical and frightening texts”? This person seems so detached from reality. What year does this person think it is? Is this an old grey man living by candlight in the woods yammering on about how we need to protect sacred scrolls of literature that were written with a feather quill?

If you want to argue that children’s minds are being poisoned, why pick on books?  Their are several other more popular forms of entertainment these days. It’s called video & social media. “Gee, glad we took that Harry Potter book away from Brian. It could hurt his brain and cause mental illness. I have the blu-ray. He can watch that instead.”

Also, How the hell did you come up with the idea that reading these books could cause mental illness? Is this private school teacher also a researcher? I doubt it.

When I was little, my parents were ecstatic if they caught me reading something. It could have been anything. Reading provokes thought and imagination. It’s certainly better for your brain than watching TV. So, if kids want to read these “mythical texts” stop being such a stiff.

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