The Mayor or Jackson Mississippi thinks we can literally pray potholes away.

Is your mayor crazy? Well, the mayor of Jackson Mississippi seems to be doing a fine job in that category. He believes that if Moses could part a sea, we are capable of praying potholes away.

Is this scary or funny? Since people actually elected this man, I’m going with scary. (source) I know the world is being bombarded with superhero movies, but common. Get a grip mayor! This is real life. If prayer didn’t help rid terminal cancer from a friend of mine, it certainly won’t fix your damn pothole problem.

I would certainly get a chuckle out of seeing him try though. Clearly money isn’t the answer for this. States and counties have been throwing away thousands of dollars filling potholes, but this man has it all figured out.

In February, Jackson Mississippi had an issue regarding lead in the tap water. (source) I’m going to suggest that the mayor drank too much of it.


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