Man breaks 126 year old statue while taking selfie.

I’m starting to think I could dedicate an entire section of articles to dumbasses who screw things up by trying to take a selfie. This latest incident took place in Portugal. A young man tried to take a selfie with a 126 year old statue of a Portuguese king. It ended up crashing to the ground. (source)

Ugh, you just had to get that shot didn’t you? More than likely, he wanted it for some form of social media so his friends could see how cool he is. Whatever happened to nicely asking a stranger if they could take your picture? Sure, you might feel like your inconveniencing someone, but if you really want to capture the entire scene, it’s still the best way to do it. It also limits the risk of something like this happening.

It’s fucked up how far people will go in an attempt to get that perfect selfie. Animals have died. Remember the baby dolphin that died on the beach in Argentina cause people were passing it around for selfies? (source) Remember the woman who dragged the swan out of a lake in Macedonia for a photo? (source) What’s next? Is someone going to fall off a cliff? Oh, I forgot someone already has! (source)


I never thought I would see a day where a “no selfies please” sign might be necessary for certain locations. It makes me sick. Be smart people. If you could be putting yourself in a bad situation by taking a selfie, don’t do it!

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