China bans ‘erotic’ banana eating live streams.

The online porn situation in China is looking grim. You can’t get your porn fix online at all. Crazy right! With all the web policing, it’s nearly impossible.

As a result, in the hopes of feeling a mild sensation in their pants, people revert to subtle and suggestive sexual activities on webcams. Live streams of erotic banana eating & wearing leg stalkings are the norm. Now China has banned such live streams and deemed them harmful to social morality. (source)

Now what will the people do?! When watching two women go up and down on a seesaw is about as pornographic as you can get in China, the level of sexual frustration must be bubbling to the surface.

I guess the people of China will just need to think more subtle. Maybe watch live streams of cooking where people are kneading dough in a way that looks sexual?

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