Self driving cars could lead to more sex & other irresponsible activities in moving cars.

In the future, cars will drive themselves. When that happens, some believe people will become so dependent that they will engage in activities. (like sex)  As a result, some are concerned that if the driver engages in such distracting activities, they won’t have enough time to react if the computer needs you to take over manually. (source)

This hits the nail on the head. We have become so ridiculously dependable on technology. When this technology eventually becomes a mainstream feature, forget about it! People won’t use it responsibly.

Hell, a lot of people aren’t even responsible behind the wheel now. You want these people telling an on board computer what to do? That sounds insane. I personally can’t see myself ever trusting a computer 100% of the time to drive me from point A to B.

Why would anyone want to rely on a self driving car 100% of the time?  I actually got into a debate over this with a friend. He mentioned, “Well, decades ago people never would have thought paying our bills online and handheld GPS would become the mainstream norm.” He’s right, but if those systems fail, it wouldn’t result in your death!

Self driving technology just seems like a technology that would be used so irresponsibly. More harm than good would come from it. Unless, some serious guidelines and safe guards can be placed on the feature, this would be a no go for me.

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